Basic Range

The Basic Line Clear glass range is ideal for all the applications where the product is chosen prevalently for its characteristic function: the passage of light.

The two modules, square and rectangular, are available in a large variety of declinations of glass designs and different finishings.

Functionality, elegance and full compliance with the highest Seves quality standards make the Clear 1919/8 Wave glass block the ideal material for architectural projects for both interiors and exteriors.

Available with three finishing's (transparent, sand blasted on one side or both sides), Clear 1919/8 Wave is suitable for all possible luminosity requirements.

Special Pieces

To complete the Basic range, to finish the walls and surfaces made of square and rectangular glass blocks, special pieces are available: linear, curved and corner wall end blocks.

The Linear End block of the Basic Line enables the glass block walls to be finished with the typical elegance of superior ranges of products.

Ideal for creating flag type walls and for finishing dividing walls for interiors and exteriors, when the end part of the wall is not resting on the surrounding masonry.

The Basic Line Curved End block finishes glass block walls with the elegance typical of superior product ranges.

Ideal for creating flag type walls, harmoniously completing the 90 degree angle that is created as the junction between the 2 perimetral sides of the surface created with the Linear End block.

The Basic Line 90° corner glass block finishings glass block walls with the typical elegance of superior ranges of products.

Ideal for creating walls with right angled floor plans, it maintains the continuity of the glass block surface, limiting the use of other materials (cement, plastic, wood or alluminium), for an easier and faster installation and a lighter and more harmonious final result.

* Please see the basic range for these pieces

Brilly Range – Intense Colours

Brilly glass blocks are a range of bright colours in the Basic Line, offering new design possibilities and an extra tool for the architect and the interior designer.

The Brilly range is available in 9 bright colours (yellow, orange, red, blue, bronze, green, ruby, violet, turquoise) in the wavy glass design and with the transparent finishing.

Brilly is the range of Basic glass blocks with bright colours obtained by applying special production techniques which enable the colour to be put inside the block in the second phase of preparation.

The Brilly Collection recommended only for interior applications and storage at temperature higher than 0°C/32°F.

Coloured Blocks With Soft Shades

Basic Coloured glass is the range of glass blocks that completes the Basic Line with 7 colours (azur, pink, green, grey, blue, brown, turquoise) selected by Seves to meet designers' needs.

The Coloured glass blocks with pale shades complete the neutral Basic range with a selection of 7 colours: Azur, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Brown and Turquoise.

Available in the standard square module and the "W" wavy glass design, they have three different finishing's (transparent, sand blasted on one side or both sides) to adapt to all light diffusion requirements.

The Coloured Basics, in conformity with the highest Seves quality standards, must be installed with a minimum space of 5mm and can be combined with the other Basic Line glass blocks, such as the Neutral colour and Special Pieces.

Pegasus Range

Pegasus is the high-end glass block created exclusively by Seves glassblock to communicate with the world of Design and Architecture. Pegasus glass blocks have unique external edges (called "wings") which measure 6 mm. These "wings" are the result of a specific production process and provide two important structural functions:

Reduce the grouting to a mere 2 mm (we supply the 2mm spacers in our shop), therefore eliminating the optical perception of joints;

Hide the load-bearing elements within the hollow recesses between the blocks. The result is a continuous "all glass" wall that emits brightness and light in all environments.

The Pegasus collection is comprised of over 200 glass blocks in a variegated range of colours, shapes, glass designs and finishes for every need and aesthetic taste. Ideal for interior and exterior applications as well as stylish and creative architectural designs, Pegasus glass blocks unite light and glass to become protagonists of space.

Pegasus Metallised Range

Lighter and more beautiful full glass walls. The combination of two of Seves' exclusive technologies has meant that Pegasus Metallised is the glass block to use to create walls that are extraordinarily light and aesthetically refined.

Ideal for striking interiors and exteriors, the metallised range is available in smooth and wavy glass designs and in a rich variety of colours that, thanks to metallisation, acquire special brightness and luminosity.

Pegasus Metallised is an exclusive and innovative glass block made by Seves Glass Block. The unique mirroring of the blocks outer edges produces a silver, optical effect that reduces the perception of gaps between the glass blocks and renders the glass surface even more brilliant and intriguing.

Pegasus Metallised glass blocks are available in a range of diverse glass designs and a rich variety of radiant colours, each inspired by a great artist from the 13th century and Renaissance Era.

Pegasus Satin Finish Range

From the classic clear version to a rich chromatic range of 9 pastel shades, each inspired by a great artist from the 13th century and Renaissance Era, the Pegasus glass block facilitates the creation of multi-coloured walls for desired emphasis and decorative effects.

The wavy glass design plays upon the passage of light, maintaining privacy and creating new geometries with the light reflections. The special internal formation of the glass block filters rays of light, deforming their directions and changing their profiles into mysterious shadows and irregular shapes.

The satin finish on two sides renders the glass block completely opaque, making it perfect for rarefied and intimate settings, alcoves of privacy, and environments that require diffused light.

New Colour Collection

Vibrant, free, powerful, positive: colour can enhance any interior design with its subtle psychological undertones, making it possible to create unique visual effects and desired sensations.

For this reason Seves Glassblock has created a collection dedicated entirely to colour; a collection that can define the dimensions of space with all the power of its bold tones, soft shades and light reflections

The New Colour Collection is characterised not only by its wavy glass design, but by the form of its terminal and angular pieces which make it possible to create all-glass walls full of colour and character—that add shape, style and light to interior designs.

Elegant and sophisticated, purple is a colour frequently associated with nobility and art. Its lighter shades have relaxing properties, while its darker tones are vibrant and exciting. In interior design, purple can be used to make spaces larger or to create elegant and refined décor accents.

Fire Rated Blocks

The Technology Line includes a specific range of glass blocks that are suitable for vertical applications requiring high classes of fire protection and are certified according to the principal regulations. Seves glassblock submits the "fire resistant" glass blocks to strict quality controls which raise their mean resistance and enable the stability of the panel and its heat insulation quality to be verified over time.

1919/10 30F Wave is the Technology Line glass block that has a structure with high mechanical resistance to the action of flames, the propagation of fire, smoke and heat for 30 minutes (value El 30 according to European norm EN 1364-1:19999). This class of resistance not only gives the structure stability and strength but also limits the passage of heat radiations thus also preventing the heating of objects placed in the environments protected by the glass blocks.

1919/10 30F Wave is the ideal glass block for the applications that demand high quality characteristics to meet safety needs. As well as its principal characteristic associated with its parameters of fire resistance , the 30F Wave glass block is also used in environments where there is the need for high standards of protection against intruders from the outside. For the values stated in the certifications to be valid, the installation of the glass blocks must be done following the indications given in the certifications.

Fire rated blocks also available in 60 minute and 90 minute rating (Clearview only).

When installing fire rated blocks there are different accessories needed, fire proof silicone, wooden dowling to act as the spacers. When using our calculator it will add normal accessories please delete these from your cart. If you are unsure please give us a call.

Block lock plastic frame kit cannot be used for building a fire rated glass block wall.

Energy Saving

The Technology Line contains a specific range of glass blocks suitable for vertical applications with a certified high thermal insulation capacity.

A double air chamber inside the glass blocks ensures high levels of resistance to heat transmission.

The parameter that measures the heat insulation capacity is the unit heat transmittance "U".

Thanks to these glass blocks it is possible to combine energy saving and safety requirements with the elegance of glass block walls.

Seves glassblock presents the innovative technology "ENERGY SAVING" that reduces the thermal transmittance of the classic glass block up to 50%, making it possible to create architectural façades made entirely of glass blocks that promote the conservation of energy and safeguard the environment.

Patented by Seves, ENERGY SAVING effectively reduces the thermal transmittance of the glass block up to 50%, with the introduction of a low-emissivity glass plate and pressure controlled argon gas. The glass plate is inserted between the glass block halves to interrupt the thermal bridge, while the argon gas is added to reduce the thermal transmission caused by convective motion.

The result is a classic glass block, like the famous Pegasus 19x19x8cm, that can reach a thermal transmittance value of U=1.5 W/m² K.

Vetropieno Range

solid glass block that combines all the appeal of traditional bricks with the transparency and illumination of glass.

VetroPieno can be used in place of traditional bricks to create  dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room — or as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color.

This completely unique design solution can be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room — or as a subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color.

Its standard shape and size make it a versatile building element that can be installed horizontally or vertically to achieve desired effects: traditional patterns, continuous surfaces, subtle outlines, or colorful light reflections.

Unlike the classic glass block, VetroPieno is smaller in both width and height and can be used to obtain thinner glass structures that optimize space and add depth to interiors.

VetroPieno is available in three colors—nordica, siena and blue—as well as in the clear version.

Vistabrik Range

Extraordinarily versatile and available in aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles, Vistabrik offers design possibilities limited only by an architect's imagination and vision. With an high light transmittance, Vistabrik increases the amount of natural day lighting and creates a much more appealing indoor environment. In short, no other comparable building material provides the beauty, strength, and security needs of Vistabrik.

Built tough to resist penetration from high-impact ballistics, and time-tested and proven in a variety of applications, Vistabrik solid glass blocks form durable, transparent masonry panels for interior and exterior use.

Because they combine the best in security and aesthetics, Vistabrik is widely used in institutional environments, commercial settings, schools, transportation terminals, and numerous public spaces and buildings, including courthouses, embassies, and police stations.

Strength and Security: Vistabrik features low distortion transparency for clear observation through sturdy, 8cm thick glass block partitions into areas where visual supervision is a must. Plus, Vistabrik requires minimal maintenance and replacement costs and is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to impact, bullets, and fire. In short, it's ideal for any facility subject to vandalism, high noise levels, and other security concerns.

Vistabrik combines aesthetic values with structural integrity and resistance, making it a reliable and elegant choice for residential and commercial applications.

MINI collection

Give form to your creativity!

The MINI collection, with its five daring colours and compact size, is the perfect style element for creating beautifully bold interiors full of natural light, privacy and colour. Thanks to the small 14,6×14,6×8 cm format of the glass block it is suitable for any sized project, allowing you to explore your creativity to the fullest – even when space is limited – through infinite patterns and design possibilities.

The Mini Collection is a unique design solution for building beautifully bold interiors full of natural light, privacy and colour.

Available in the smaller-than-standard 14,6 x 14,6 x 8 CM dimensions, Mini glass blocks are versatile and easy-to-install even in complex applications. Their manageable format makes it possible to optimize cramped spaces by creating walls and accent windows, big or small, that facilitate the passage of light.

The Mini Collection is also characterized by its five bold colours: Cherry, Apricot, Blueberry, Vanilla and Liquorice. In a unique production process, the colour is applied to the external band around the block, and diffused by the "iced" glass design to maximize light and enhance privacy.

The resulting effect is perfect for creating fun and colourful patterns, or even stylish monochromatic surfaces that add character to interior designs.

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